In 1999, wind power only accounted for 0.1% of the United States’ total generated electricity.

Don’t miss out on opportunity; the future of wind power is now. Over the past nine years, attitudes towards the environment have changed, causing wind power electricity to rapidly increase; wind power is now over 1% of the country’s total electricity. With the rise of green living and the popularity of the Planet Earth documentary, people are no longer blindly polluting, and countries and families alike are looking for more sustainable energy sources. The environment has become an internationally relevant topic that everyone is aware of. The government and environmentally conscious businesses and home owners are taking it upon themselves to consider more viable energy sources that are less harmful to the environment than traditional fossil fuels. Fortunately, they have found it in wind power. Orenda is committed to increasing the amount of electricity generated through wind power to help reduce the harmful effects of other energy sources on the environment.

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