Fear mongering in the wind power industry

Fear mongering in the wind power industry

fear mongering in the wind power industry

Fear mongering has been an issue in the wind power industry, since it became apparent to traditional energy investors and supporters that it was a viable option for electricity generation. The realization that this new industry could cut into the ridiculous profits these organizations were making, forced many wealthy investors to the brink.
Let’s look at some great resources, from some great journalists who have done a little digging to find the real facts:
Wind farm fear mongering: It’s enough to make you sick
About the Author: If you don’t know Mike Barnard, you should check out his informative and well-researched blog posts on wind here: http://barnardonwind.com/
Summary: Takes a look at Sarah Laurie and the Waubra Foundation, uncovering some key facts about this anti-wind organization and the constant misinformation they spread.
Great snippet from the article:
“Until recently, the Waubra Foundation shared a P.O. box with the Landscape Guardians and a mining investment company. This is not surprising given that all were founded by Peter Mitchell, a lifelong fossil fuel executive and investor. After taking considerable heat for its address, the foundation has now relocated its mailing address to a P.O. box just around the corner from its secretary’s home in leafy Melbourne suburbia. That secretary is Mr Mitchell’s long-time assistant.”


Bad Science at the Root of Wind Farm’s Link to Deafness
Summary: This author Joshua S Hill delves into the facts and delivers the truth about a study that was misrepresented and misreported by several well-read publications, like TimesTelegraph, and Daily Mail.
Great snippet from the article:
“It is certainly misleading and an over-interpretation of our results to state that living close to wind farms may cause hearing impairment or deafness,” explained Dr Drexl to RenewableUK. “Our research did not include any work at wind farms.”

Christopher Booker’s curiously distorted views on wind power
Summary: Chris Booker writes a highly biased and misleading article in the Daily Mail and this author, Simon Evans decides to write a response that is factually based and on-point.
Great snippet from the article:
Booker says there are 5,000 large wind turbines in the UK:
“Put all those 5,000 giant turbines together and their combined output still averages less than that of our single largest coal-fired power station.”
We can assume Booker means Drax, the UK’s largest coal-fired power station by far.
Wind turbines don’t operate all the time, but neither does Drax. So if you want to compare their outputs, the only sensible way to do it is to look at total power generated over the course of a year.
According to its own annual report, Drax sold 26.2 terawatt hours of electricity in 2013. Government data shows wind turbines produced 28.4 terawatt hours in 2013 – more than Drax.
Conclusion: There are actually 5,597 large wind turbines in the UK and they produced more power in 2013 than Drax did.


It’s nice to know that there are some very intelligent and sensible journalists and wind power supporters all over the world. Over time the anti-wind movement will lose steam, and eventually fade into oblivion, like the carbon emissions of traditional energy sources.

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