Four new wind farms expected for Minnesota and North Dakota

Four new wind farms expected for Minnesota and North Dakota

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Xcel Energy is planning to build four more wind farms in Minnesota and North Dakota with a total capacity of 750MW, enough power for 400,000 homes.


Xcel Energy is the US’ leading utility wind energy provider, and the company hopes to move from coal, while still providing cost-effective energy to its customers.


Once the wind farm projects are approved, they will begin installation and operation is expected by 2020.


Vice president of wind development for NextEra Energy Resources, John DiDonato said, “As world leaders in renewable energy development and operations, NextEra Energy Resources and Xcel Energy have worked together on numerous wind and solar projects over the past decade and we are pleased to partner once again on the Foxtail Wind Energy Center.”


“The project will create good jobs and provide millions of dollars in landowner payments and tax benefits to North Dakota communities, while generating affordable, clean energy for generations to come.”


Invenergy’s vice president of Business Development for the Central Region, Kevin Parzyck said, “We are excited to partner with Xcel Energy on this important project that will support the local economy with meaningful jobs, landowner payments and tax revenue and provide renewable energy to Minnesota consumers,”


“Invenergy applauds both Xcel Energy and the State of Minnesota on their renewable energy leadership.”



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