Gamesa to install tallest wind turbines in Asia

Gamesa to install tallest wind turbines in Asia

Gamesa signs deal for wind farm


Gamesa has announced a new contract that will have them installing the tallest wind turbines in Asia, at the Sarahnlom wind farm located in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand (central.)



The wind farm is being built by developer PowerChina ZhongNan while the project is owned by the company Gunkul Engineering PCL.



The wind farm will have a total capacity of 67.5 MW and will be composed of 18 units of the G114-2.0 MW model and 15 of the G114-2.1 MW with towers at a height of 153m. With blade length, the wind turbines will reach a total height of 210m, almost half as tall as Canada’s CN Tower.



The project will be operational by the second quarter of 2017 and will be the second wind farm contracted to Gamesa from the same customer (the first 60MW wind farm was secured back in 2015).



Marketing Director, Juan Diego Díaz said: “In designing such tall towers, which are almost 30 metres taller than is usual for this model, and at a competitive cost, Gamesa’s R&D team has achieved a major technological feat. On the one hand, we reduce the Cost of Energy of the complex by boosting total energy output, as the turbines will reach heights at which the wind blows harder. On the other hand, we are demonstrating once again our ability to respond to what the market needs thanks to the versatility of our turbines”.



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