Gas-fired plants slowing production as wind energy rises in the UK

Gas-fired plants slowing production as wind energy rises in the UK

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In the UK today, electricity produced by wind farms around the country made it possible for gas-fired plants to halt production; wind energy accounted for a total of 14% of the energy supply! These results were all thanks to strong winds; wind turbines are only as good as the wind it captures, when the speed of wind fluctuates so does capacity.
Like many countries around the world, by 2020, the aim for the UK is to have renewable energy sources generate a minimum of 15% of the country’s power supply.  Today’s electrical output was a record for the country, as wind output rose to 6,010 megawatts by the late morning.
Back in September, we did an article about Australia hitting wind energy highs in the South, which managed to surpass targets at 25%. Similarly, this fluctuation in energy production was due to a windy end of the winter season.
If you’re interested, you can check out Wikipedia to see a list of mandatory renewable energy targets by country, along with current percentages.

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