GE Renewable selected by Invenergy for cyber security of wind farms

GE Renewable selected by Invenergy for cyber security of wind farms

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GE Renewable Energy has signed a cybersecurity agreement with Invenergy to protect all its wind farms, including the option of adding more wind turbines to the existing agreement in future.


According to the press release, the wind turbines will be digitally upgraded and protected from hackers; GE will provide security for all existing wind turbines, as well as future wind farms; and finally, the deal between GE and Invenergy is worth $13M over ten years. This agreement is ‘one of the largest cybersecurity deals in the history of the Industrial Internet.’


Invenergy wants to upgrade their legacy controls and protect their network security with the help of Wurldtech’s Opshield. GE and Wurldtech will be working together to maintain, update and patch software for the duration of the 10-year agreement.


Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Invenergy, Jim Shield said, “As online threats multiply and the electric grid goes digital, cyber security is a top priority for Invenergy,”

“We are proud of our collaboration with the GE Digital team to develop a long-term, enterprise-wide cyber security agreement that met our operational needs.”


Chief Digital Officer at GE Renewable Energy, Sanjeev Addala said, “This took a huge effort from our teams across all functions to get the deal across the line,”

“We are looking forward to building on the success of supporting Invenergy’s fleet under contract and expanding it to other wind fleets. It’s very exciting to work with one of our best customers, Invenergy, on their digital transformation!”

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