German companies use old wind turbine blades for cement

German companies use old wind turbine blades for cement

wind turbine blades make up new cement production in Germany
Thanks to EU regulations, which stated old wind turbine blades were not allowed in landfills, it prompted companies to come up with alternatives for the recycling and use of fiberglass composites. Specifically, two German companies, Zajons and Holcim (Deutschland) AG have found a way to use all those old wind turbine blades to benefit both the wind energy and cement industries.
The patented process called, CompoCycle, uses redundant fiberglass, like those of wind turbine blades and other composite industry waste to produce cement.
From start to finish, the process is very ecological. They start by sawing the blades at the site for easier transportation, even making sure that the dust created during the process is brought to a minimal. Once at their factory, the blade pieces are separated into secondary raw materials, and shredded, in preparation for the cement kiln. The silica in the fiberglass substitutes the sand element normally found in cement. And because of the high heat of the cement kilns, there is no residue remaining from the process.
To give you perspective on how significant this new process is to sustainability, and reducing co2 emissions, a tonne of wind turbine blade resin replaces approximately 600kg of coal typically used at a cement plant!
I think Germany has found a brilliant way to use up old wind turbine blades, especially considering that by 2019 it is forecast that around 15,000 tons of old blades are expected to be dumped every year.
Well done Germany!

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