Germany breaks its own renewable energy record

Germany breaks its own renewable energy record

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On July 25, Germany had produced a record breaking 78% of its electricity demands through solar, wind and other renewable sources thanks to unusually high winds close to their wind farm sites around the country. Back in May 2014 the country was able to produce 74% of its energy requirements which was an incredible achievement.
Germany has been trying to reduce its dependence on coal and gas power plants and now the country’s renewable energy sources account for a larger portion of electricity generation than brown coal.
According to Wikipedia, “More than 23,000 wind turbines and 1.4 million solar PV systems are distributed all over the country’s area of 357,000 square kilometers. As of 2011, Germany’s federal government is working on a new plan for increasing renewable energy commercialization, with a particular focus on offshore wind farms. A major challenge is the development of sufficient network capacities for transmitting the power generated in the North Sea to the large industrial consumers in southern parts of the country.”
In the first half of 2015, Germany has seen another 422 offshore wind turbines become operational with a combined capacity of approximately 1,765MW, bringing the total to 668 offshore wind turbines and overall capacity of approx. 2,778MW. So what does this mean for Germany? Offshore wind can supply around 3million German households with electricity.
To learn more, you can download the Fact Sheet: Status of Offshore Wind Energy Development in Germany.

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