Google invests in largest wind farm in Africa

Google invests in largest wind farm in Africa

Google is a big fan of wind energy and wind farms

Google has recently invested in the largest wind farm in Africa, called the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project. Back in May, we wrote about the project overcoming major setbacks, and now with Google’s investment, it is safe to say that they are headed in the right direction.
The wind farm will be made up of 365 wind turbines and is expected generate 1400GWh per year when it becomes operational; which is about 15% of the country’s total electricity consumption. The project is meant to go online by 2017 and according to Google will boast 25mph winds, which Vestas says is the reason why the actual energy output for the wind farm will be at 60%, much higher than the average of 35%.
Google has already invested $12 million in a solar plant called the Jasper Power Project in Africa, and continues to invest in renewable projects as part of its plan to be 100% sustainable.
Google director of energy and sustainability, Rick Needham said:
“The fastest growing economies are here, and there’s a strong need for critical power. Economies are being held back because they don’t have enough power—and yet they have wonderful renewable resources. These nations can meet their future and growing energy needs by tapping into some of the best renewable resources in the world.”
“We have [individuals] and small business who will be coming online and using Google. We would much prefer that they be able to access our products and services through electricity that is not only clean but economic.”


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