Google is reducing its carbon footprint through wind energy once again

Google is reducing its carbon footprint through wind energy once again

Google is a big fan of wind energy


Google has done it again!
Just yesterday, the company which ‘has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint to zero’ has agreed to purchase all of the wind energy from the 240MW Happy Hereford wind farm which will be located just outside Amarillo, TX.
This is Google’s  5th long-term agreement for renewable energy, and will be its largest commitment yet. So far they have bought enough energy to power a total of 170k US households, which is over a whopping 570 MW of energy!
Happy Hereford wind farm details:

  • It is expected to start producing energy in 2014
  • Developed by Chermac Energy, a small, Native American-owned company based in Oklahoma
  • The wind farm will be connected to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) regional grid (which currently serves Google’s Mayes County data center)

The company wrote on their blog yesterday:

“We take a comprehensive approach to acquiring renewable energy for our operations. We’ll continue working directly with utility providers, collaborating with industry regulators and pursuing creative agreements (PDF) like the Happy Hereford PPA.”
It is exciting to see large global companies investing in wind energy and a renewable/sustainable future!

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