NHMRC finds little evidence of adverse health effects from wind farms

NHMRC finds little evidence of adverse health effects from wind farms

wind farms do not hurt human health

Today, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) released a statement which concludes ‘there is currently no consistent evidence that wind farms cause adverse health effects in humans.’
The summary outlines the findings:
“Overall, the body of evidence that directly examined wind farms and their potential health effects was small and of poor quality.
There is consistent but poor quality direct evidence that wind farm noise is associated with annoyance, as well as less consistent, poor quality direct evidence of an association between sleep disturbance and wind farm noise.
The review also considered evidence on the effects of similar emissions from other sources, including what is known about environmental noise from road traffic, aircraft and rail.
Based on this supporting evidence, the statement concludes it is unlikely that people would experience significant health effects beyond 1500 metres from wind farms.
The CEO, Professor Warwick Anderson noted that, based on the poor evidence base and continued public interest, NHMRC intends to issue a one-off Targeted Call for Research.”
Many studies and research has concluded that health complaints by residents located close to wind farms only began to be reported after anti-wind propaganda, claiming wind energy could negatively affect human health, was distributed in their locale. The power of suggestion made people believe that wind farms could harm them, creating more psychosomatic reactions to wind energy than actual physiological ones.
Legitimate studies have proven there are no ill effects to human health from wind turbines. However, other sources of energy have very real and detrimental effects on health…
According to Pembina Institute, “Coal plants are a major source of toxic air contaminants, including mercury, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, and particulate matter. The study shows that in Alberta each year this pollution contributes to over 4,000 asthma episodes, over 700 emergency visits for respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, and around 80 hospital admissions, with chronic exposures resulting in nearly 100 premature deaths.
The fact is that wind farms and other renewable energy initiatives help to eliminate real toxins from our environment.

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