Greater Sudbury could be the next large wind farm site in Ontario

Greater Sudbury could be the next large wind farm site in Ontario

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A 150MW wind farm is proposed for the area of Garson-Falconbridge, a part of Greater Sudbury. According to the Community Engagement Plan (CEP), the project is referred to as the Falconbridge Wind Farm Project and is ‘expected to include 30 to 50 turbines (up to 150MW in total capacity), a transformer substation, low-voltage electrical collector lines, access roads, a high voltage transmission line and construction laydown and work areas.’
The CEP is really meant to keep all stakeholders like the residents of Greater Sudbury, informed and updated on the project. Moreover, the community stands to benefit from this wind farm project through the community benefit contribution which could amount to a whopping $350,000 each year.
According to the CEP, the wind farm project ‘could be beneficial to the community, potentially providing an increased municipal tax base, rental payments to local landowners, and significant financial contributions to the City, as well as jobs and the use of local service providers during construction and operations. Additional benefits will be discussed with the local municipalities, landowners, and stakeholders.’
A timeline for the project can also be viewed through the CEP, and if all goes as planned, construction is expected to start by 2018.

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