Half the students from AEE’s Wind Turbine O&M Program are working in the industry

Half the students from AEE’s Wind Turbine O&M Program are working in the industry

wind turbine O&M program


Back in 2013, the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) had launched a program specifically designed to train people on how to become a wind turbine technician, and now 50% of its graduates are working in the wind industry.


According to their website, the program itself is made up of 3 parts: ‘A more generic one, which goes from the components of a wind turbine, basic concepts of the wind resource, construction, installation and commissioning of a wind farm, to SCADA systems. A second one, oriented to Health and Safety (H&S) specific for the industry. And a third one, the largest, which analyses in depth all aspects of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of wind farms.’


The fourth edition/year of the program will begin October of this year, as Spain adds to its existing 23,000 MW worth of wind turbines.


One of AEE’s second edition students, Ildefonso Árbol, is working with Vestas in Spain, and says, “The course of AEE has allowed me to renovate, apply and expand my knowledge to a technical field with many job opportunities. It has opened doors and, above all, it has allowed me to get to selection processes with knowledge”.


Another of AEE’s second edition students, Juan Luis Flores Arias, who works as an Offshore Quality Inspector for Adwen Offshore (Gamesa Group) says, “AEE´s course has been the first step to introduce myself as a professional in the industry. It is possible that in a not very far future more professionals will be required in the wind energy sector “.


One of AEE’s third edition students, Fabio de la Fuente, is now an O&M technician for the company called ISEG and says, “In a few months, I have worked in Spain and France and I am expecting an opportunity in the United States. Job possibilities are huge”.


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