Happy Global Wind Day: It’s time to celebrate wind energy!

Happy Global Wind Day: It’s time to celebrate wind energy!

Global Wind Day to celebrate wind energy

Global Wind Day – June 15


As part of Global Wind Day, many wind farms around the world are hosting free tours and informational sessions for anyone interested in learning more about wind energy.
The Secretary General of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Steve Sawyer said:
“Climate change is happening faster than expected, but so is the transition to renewable energy. As businesses become increasingly aware of the progress in technology and falling costs we are seeing a rapid change in investment patterns.
“Companies like Ikea pave the way for a fossil free future and give an important example for others to follow.”
Chief executive of the Irish Wind Energy Association, Kenneth Matthews said:
“We are encouraging businesses that use significant quantities of energy to go and see wind energy in action, and to consider actually investing in wind energy for their own sites.”
“There is a very clear desire among some of the world’s largest and most influential companies to shift to cleaner and more sustainable sources of electricity generation and we’ve already witnessed the role renewable energies, such as wind, can play in attracting foreign direct investment into Ireland.”
Many large corporations around the world, like Apple, Google, and Ikea, are investing significant amounts of money into wind energy in order to offset their carbon emissions or generate enough electricity to power their operations.
So let’s celebrate wind energy together… Tweet #GlobalWindDay to show your support.

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