Health Implications of Other Energy Sources

Health Implications of Other Energy Sources

In our industry, we are constantly bombarded with anti-wind lobbyists, telling us about the ill-effects of wind energy, and the negative health implications caused by wind turbines. But what are the health implications of other energy sources? And why don’t those same lobbyists care about the ill effects of burning fossil fuels? Or nuclear power?
It’s time to get real for a minute…
Nothing in this world comes for free and there are consequences to every action. If we want to get real, then we must look at the real costs of all energy sources. As the World Wildlife Fund says, “all forms of energy have environmental impacts”. This is the truth, and we must face it. But what exactly are those impacts?
I’ve compiled a list of studies that have been done, that demonstrate the impact of specific energy sources on the health and well-being of humans and wildlife.
Let’s take a look at the health implications of other energy sources:
Smoke Stack
Energy, the environment, and health

Excerpt: “The World Health Organization estimates that air pollution causes 2.7-3.0 million premature deaths a year, or 5-6 percent of global mortality.”
Environmental Impact by Energy Source
Health impacts of energy consumption cost U.S. $120 billion annually
What point am I trying to make? All energy sources have some amount of impact, and some much greater than others. When we investigate the health implications of other energy sources, wind power looks like the best alternative to me. But that’s only my opinion. What are your thoughts? Please comment below!

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