Honda wind turbines outperform expectations

Honda wind turbines outperform expectations

honda installs two wind turbines


Two wind turbines at the Honda Transmission Mfg. of America, Inc. plant have exceeded their projected power output by over 6% in only 6 months after installation.
The wind turbines both stand at 260ft with blades at 160ft, and were intended to produce approximately 10% of the electricity required by the plant each year, which is the equivalent of about 10,000MWH. However, the two turbines surprised the company by exceeding their output 4 out of the 6 months they’ve been operating so far. The month of April even saw highest energy production at 16.26%.
Gary Hand, Vice President of Honda Transmission Mfg. of America said:
“We are extremely pleased with the performance of the wind turbines’ production over their first six months,”
“The turbines’ operation has exceeded the projections established during the project development.”
Tyler Juhl, Vice President of Operations for Juhl Energy (the company which developed the project and installed the wind turbines) said:
“We are pleased to observe the performance of the two on-site wind turbines are achieving results over and above what Honda had anticipated.  From the outset, we were confident that the site location selected would allow the GE turbines to produce a significant amount of the facility’s’ energy requirements.”
These wind turbines are actually part of a much larger plan by Honda to reduce energy use and waste from manufacturing operations in North America. Honda is looking to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by the year 2020, and has a very lofty goal of reducing waste sent to landfills in NA by 95%.
It is nice to see large companies taking environmental matters to heart, and making strides to bettering the world while still maintaining profits.
Well done Honda!

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