How to avoid wind turbine failure

How to avoid wind turbine failure

wind turbine failure
Wind turbine failure happens occasionally in field, as many of us in the industry are aware. Most of us have seen videos of wind turbines spinning out of control, throwing blades or catching fire. There are a few reasons for these events to occur, but the most common issues are when wind turbines lose connection to the grid or gusts of winds make it impossible for them to slow down or come to a controlled stop.
There are a few ways to mitigate the risks of wind turbine failure, in both siting and engineering.
Firstly, do not place wind turbines in high foot fall areas close to buildings or parking lots etc. Large mechanical and electrical machinery should always be used with caution, and if it doesn’t make sense to run a caterpillar in a schoolyard with kids playing around, it doesn’t make sense to place a wind turbine in the same spot and under the same conditions. It seems inevitable that at some point a wind turbine will fail, and when it does, you want it to happen with as much control and little risk as possible.
Secondly, the way a wind turbine is designed and manufactured can determine the level of risk associated with losing grid connection or being in high wind conditions. Orenda’s engineering team has designed a patent pending hydrostatic speed control system for exactly these reasons. The hydrostatic system makes sure the wind turbine stays at an optimal speed at all times so there is no risk of it spinning out of control, and throwing blades. The company has focused on creating as risk free a proposition for all stakeholders including the public and their safety.
Wind turbine failure has the potential to be catastrophic if proper siting and design are not greatly considered. Essentially, it is important that wind turbine manufacturers stay accountable and mitigate risk as much a possible.

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