How to protect small wind turbines from high winds and inclement weather

How to protect small wind turbines from high winds and inclement weather

Gale force winds, like the ones recently experienced in the UK, can be problematic for small wind turbines even with automatic shutdown speeds. Some turbines avoid damage by spinning out of the wind or twisting/feathering their blades so they don’t catch the wind. However, the high wind pressure exerted on the nacelle can cause unnecessary strain, even on the tower itself.
Another type of feature is now available with the Orenda Skye™ 51kW small wind turbine; the patented hydraulic tower allows the turbine to be lowered to the ground and tied down to avoid damage from excessive winds.

small wind turbine

Orenda Skye’s hydraulic tower operation requires nothing more than a wrench and 1 operator, and can be lowered or raised in as little as 20 minutes.

When purchasing a small wind turbine, it is also a good idea to look into insurance coverage, that includes all risk and loss of income. For example, the Orenda Skye™ qualifies for all-risk insurance with Clark Thomson which includes storms, and the resultant loss of income.
Orenda is proud to say they also have a 6 stage speed control system that is used to control the wind turbine as wind speed increases, which ultimately brings the turbine to a controlled stop.
In these specific ways you are able to sufficiently mitigate risk and protect your significant investment, giving you greater peace of mind!

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  1. Harry Udhwani

    Hi can you please send details and price for small 20~30 kw turbine with hydraulic tower??

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