How wind energy benefits less windy states like Arkansas

How wind energy benefits less windy states like Arkansas

wind energy support in Arkansas

Although some states have less than ideal wind speeds to support wind energy generation, many can still be a hub for domestic manufacturing and power purchase agreements (PPA).
According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), the country’s best winds are located in the Great Plains (between Texas and Dakota), but what about all the other states? Unfortunately, roughly 11 states in the US do not produce wind energy. However, all is not lost, as wind-less states like Arkansas have been able to benefit from the wind energy industry through manufacturing parts required in the wind supply chain; like bearings, wire and cables and steel fabrication.
Companies like LM Wind Power in Little Rock, a wind turbine blade manufacturer, support the industry and provide jobs in the state. In fact, that company has produced more than 175,000 blades and employs 4,953 people worldwide.
Additionally local power providers have PPAs with wind energy generation companies outside of the state to supply electricity. For example, Southwest Power Pool, headquartered in Little Rock, have stated 36% of their power on April 6 2015 was generated by wind energy farms located in neighbouring Oklahoma and Kansas. The Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. also has PPAs in abundance, with a total of 309MW.
So even though states with less than ideal winds cannot be producers of wind power, they can still be supporters of wind energy, and contribute to the success of the industry as a whole.

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