Hungary bans wind turbines?

Hungary bans wind turbines?

No wind turbines for Hungary


In the latest regulations created by the Hungarian government, it seems impossible for wind turbines to be installed anywhere in the country.


A new amendment made to the electricity act and though it is not explicitly stated, it makes it seemingly impossible and improbably that wind turbines could ever be installed in Hungary again.


The amendment itself was worded very carefully, as not to go against the EU’s stance and support of renewables. For instance, the new law has stated that wind turbines cannot be within 12km of populated areas.


A staff member at the Faculty of Science at the Eötvös Loránd University created a map of Hungary using a GIS software to illustrate all the areas that would be off-limits for the installation of wind turbines; a link to the image can be seen here. The red portion indicates the areas where wind turbines are prohibited, and as you can see according to this map, wind turbines would not be allowed anywhere in the country.


The President of Hungary, János Áder, has asked for a review of the bill that was passed on October 11 with the following objections:

  • Doesn’t assist the Paris climate agreement, which was signed by them
  • Contradicts Hungary’s renewable energy plans for 2010-2020
  • Forces administrative restrictions that are unjustified


In addition to the general regulations, there are clauses that further restrict installations, to agricultural fields that have not been cultivated in at least 3 years, with wind turbines no greater than 2MW at a hub height no greater than 100m.


It is the hope of many Hungarians and environmentalists that the country’s government will make the appropriate amendments to this bill, now that it has received so much attention.

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