Impact of Wind Turbines on Birds

Impact of Wind Turbines on Birds

In a previous post, we discussed Wind Energy and its Impact on Birds. However, everything that humans do has some level of impact on wildlife, but let’s keep things in perspective…


For every 10,000 birds killed by human activities each year, 10% are killed by house cats, 14% are killed by power lines, about 58% are killed by collisions with other structures, such as office buildings, house windows etc. Current research suggests that around .01% of birds are killed by wind turbine collisions – approximately 1-2 birds per turbine per year. To put this in raw numbers, in North America, about 500,000,000 birds die annually from building strikes, and 25,000 die from wind turbine strikes. It’s safe to say roughly one high-rise office building kills more birds than all of the wind turbines in North America put together.

However, it is imperative that a proper site survey is done before installing wind turbines. For example, if an area is a known habitat for birds and/or bats, it would not be wise to install a wind farm. In these cases, the damage done to wildlife in the region could be catastrophic. Even just a little planning and research can uncover possible site issues, which further minimizes the impact of wind turbines on birds and bats. It’s incredibly important that due diligence is done by the company you are dealing with for the purchase of a wind turbine. In most cases, a site survey can take a year of research and testing. A reputable company will never choose a site based on convenience or assumptions. Bear in mind that we all play a role in the preservation of wildlife and habitats.

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