India wants to install more wind power

India wants to install more wind power

India to install more wind power over the next 3 years


India has a 7,600-km coastline with an estimated potential for 65,000 MW of onshore wind power. However, currently the country has an installed capacity of 14,158 MW of wind power in only 13 states.
The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy would like to see more wind turbines installed across the country and is conducting wind assessments at 500 locations. The costs of the assessments are being split amongst the Centre (40%), state governments (30%) and the private company doing the assessments (30%) for the wind turbines. After the assessments are complete, the government hopes to install the wind turbines over the next three years.
Senior employee in the ministry said, “We are working to achieve a target of adding 10,000 MW every year, for which we are conducting wind resource assessment at some 500 places in Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Goa and the North-east which don’t have windmills. This assessment is being done by installing equipment at a hub-height of 100 meters (where the wind speed is significantly high).”
“Based on the wind atlas prepared by the agency that would give us an idea of the energydensity at these locations, we will go ahead with setting up the windmills, which could be either grid-connected or captive.”
“We have asked several states to submit their plans. Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have not responded so far. If they send a proposal, it will be considered.”


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