Insurance Coverage for Wind Turbines

Insurance Coverage for Wind Turbines

The wind industry has been most active for the past 20 years, and is still a fairly new industry by Western standards. As such, the concept of offering auxiliary services/products like insurance coverage for wind turbines are also very new. Additionally, when services do become available, they tend to focus on large-scale or ‘industrial’ wind turbines.
However, small-scale wind power really allows the average consumer to ‘get in on the game’. If you have the proper wind and land for a 50kW system, you could see your investment paid for in just a few short years and every rotation of the blades, after that, is money in your pocket. And now with new services like insurance coverage for wind turbines, it further safeguards your investment.
Insurance Coverage for Wind Turbines
Yes, there is an approval process that manufacturers must go through to gain coverage under programs offered by brokerages. Orenda is proud to announce that we were able to obtain wind turbine insurance coverage through Clark Thompson Insurance Brokers Ltd. for both the UK and Italy. The most important part of the coverage for investors and owners alike is the “All Risks” cover  which includes: fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft, malicious damage, earthquake, storm, flood, impact, theft and accidental damage, and even breakdown and resultant loss of income. People purchase insurance in order to secure their investment, and minimize any potential risks. We are happy to be able to offer further peace of mind through this new coverage.
With FiT programs, government grants, leasing options and insurance coverage for wind turbines, the small-scale wind industry is making it much easier for people to invest in a cleaner future, with more independence from power companies and opportunities to make money.

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