Invenergy announces deal for renewable energy optimization

Invenergy announces deal for renewable energy optimization

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Invenergy has recently announced a three year deal with NarrativeWave, an IoT software company, to optimize their renewable energy assets, including wind turbines.
The company conducted a 60-day pilot that they deemed successful at proving two specific use cases for operations through automation and accelerating return-to-service times.
According to the press release, ‘The first use case focused on Reducing Lost Production. The second use case focused on Reducing Unscheduled Downtime, accomplished by empowering mechanical, electrical, and turbine performance subject matter experts (SMEs) to rapidly build analytic models and deploy them across a fleet of turbines without the need for data scientists.’
Senior Vice President of Operations and Asset Management, Alex George said, “As North America’s leading wind energy operator, Invenergy embraces digital innovation to maximize uptime and productivity from our fleet. NarrativeWave’s unique solution improves our fleet management, which ultimately benefits the customers and investors who rely on Invenergy to maximize the value of the renewable energy assets we operate.”
Manager of Performance Analytics at Invenergy, Jim Klus said, “NarrativeWave enables our Operation Engineers to easily build analytic models without having to be computer programmers, complementing their expertise and rapidly delivering new analytics for our growing wind and solar fleet.”
CEO of NarrativeWave, Benjamin Decio said, “We are honored to partner with one of the most innovative companies in the global renewable energy industry. The Invenergy team is very talented and unique in their adoption of technology as a key differentiator in their business. As Invenergy helps their customers move towards “self-operating” models, we will continue to benefit from their leadership of developing new use cases with NarrativeWave to further impact their customer’s future.”

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