Iowa approves largest wind farm in US history

Iowa approves largest wind farm in US history

Iowa is leading in wind energy production in the US wind farm

The state of Iowa has just approved the largest wind farm in the history of the United States.
The $3.6 billion wind farm, called Wind XI, will be composed of a record-breaking 1000 wind turbines and will generate enough electricity (2,000MW) to power 800,000 homes across the state of Iowa.
The project is expected to be completed by 2019, while the location of the turbines has yet to be determined. MidAmerican Energy is the company behind the wind farm and their proposal was approved by the Iowa Utilities Board on August 29.
MidAmerican Energy has a goal to supply their customers with 100% renewable energy, and will be close to achieving this goal once this project is completed; the new wind farm will meet 85% of their customers’ energy needs.
According to MidAmerican, the project costs will be recuperated through federal production tax credits over a period of 10 years, so no financial assistance is being requested from the state.
Energy program director with Iowa Environment Council, Nathaniel Baer commented about the project in a prepared statement:
“The early approval helps ensure MidAmerican can take full advantage of the recently extended federal wind production tax credit — a policy we support.”
Iowa currently saves more than 3.2 billion gallons of water per year thanks to their 6300MW of wind energy capacity and by 2020, the state is hoping to reach 40% of their energy needs through wind power.

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