Iowa leads in wind energy

Iowa leads in wind energy

Iowa is leading in wind energy production in the US


Iowa is the leading state  in the US for electricity production through wind energy. There are currently more than 3200 wind turbines in Iowa, which has created more than 6000 jobs and contributed $2.6 billion to their economy.
According to the Wikipedia, “The development of wind power in Iowa began with the enactment in 1983 of a state law that required investor-owned utilities in the state to buy a total of 105 MW of power from wind generated electricity, one of first renewable electricity portfolio standards.” As a result of this new law, the wind energy industry boomed in Iowa in the 1990’s.
Many farmers, like Lynn Handorf, who has a Tama County farm with 13 turbines, use wind energy to supplement income. In response to those who say wind turbines make a lot of noise, she said, “There is some wind noise on certain days. It’s a whoosh-whoosh sound. I notice it in the morning when I come outside. But when I’ve been around them all day, I don’t notice it.”
It is estimated by the Iowa Wind Energy Association that 75% of the state is suitable for wind farms, which is why it makes the area an ideal spot for wind energy developers like MidAmerican Energy. Adam Wright, MidAmerican’s vice president of wind generation and development said “We get calls every day from people asking for turbines… I don’t think we’ll reach a saturation point any time soon.”

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