Iowa to Add 1.05 GW of Wind Energy by 2015

Iowa to Add 1.05 GW of Wind Energy by 2015

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It’s no secret that the Midwestern United States have some of the best sites for wind farms in North America, and many of the states are continuing to add to their wind capacity every year.
In 2013, Iowa will begin to move forward on adding 1.05 GW of wind energy by 2015. The new wind farm project, called Wind VII, has just received regulatory approval, and will break ground in September of this year. The wind farm will consist of 448 wind turbines across Madison, Marshall, Grundy, O’Brien, and Webster counties and the $1.9 billion proposal from MidAmerican Energy will not create any customer rate increases or state funding.
The fantastic part of this wind farm project is not only the environmental impacts, but the economic ones as well. There will be a $3.3 million rate reduction in electrical bills after the first 350 megawatts of power have been generated. It is forecast by 2017 the rate reduction will be increased to a whopping $10 million a year. Additionally, the wind farm installation will create 460 construction jobs, and a total of 48 permanent positions once it is complete.
Currently, in the state of Iowa, wind energy contributes to 25.3% of all electricity generated, and will go up to 39% with the completion of this particular wind project.
Bill Fehrman, President and CEO of MidAmerican Energy said, ‘“The best way to meet our customers’ energy needs is to provide reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible through a diversified generation  portfolio. The wind expansion will help stabilize electric rates over the long term for our customers and also demonstrates MidAmerican Energy’s commitment to lessen the environmental impact created by the process of electrical generation. Working together, we have  enhanced Iowa’s economy and helped meet growing customer demand for electricity through renewable energy generation.”

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