Iowa to increase wind energy thanks to MidAmerican

Iowa to increase wind energy thanks to MidAmerican


investing in wind energy and wind turbines

MidAmerican Energy is planning to invest a further $3.6 billion of wind energy in the state of Iowa. This would effectively increase Iowa’s wind power production from 31% to 40% by 2019.

The company has already invested a whopping $6.6 billion in wind energy since they installed their first wind farm back in 2004.

Media relations manager for MidAmerican Energy, Ruth Comer wrote:

“This is the largest project MidAmerican Energy has ever undertaken, and the largest economic development investment in Iowa history. This project provides benefits for customers, communities, the environment, and Iowa’s economy.”

“There are no fuel costs associated with wind power generation – wind is free and abundant in Iowa. We are not requesting any increase in the rates our customers pay or any financial assistance from the state of Iowa to fund this project.”

The project will bring MidAmerican’s wind energy rate from 47% to 85% but still needs approval from the Iowa Utilities Board to move forward.

Iowa is currently the leading state for percentage of electricity generated by wind energy in the US and has 6,300 MW of capacity as of February of this year (2016).

According to Wikipedia, “The development of wind power in Iowa began with the enactment in 1983 of a state law that required investor-owned utilities in the state to buy a total of 105 MW of power from wind generated electricity, one of first renewable electricity portfolio standards. This provided assurance to those building wind power installations that there would be a market for the electricity they produced.”

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