Ireland looking to boost wind energy with new campaign

Ireland looking to boost wind energy with new campaign

wind energy in Ireland

The Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) is encouraging the country to adopt more wind energy in a new campaign called ‘The Power to Power Ourselves’.
Currently, the country has almost 200 wind farms and 3,400 jobs created through wind energy endeavors, but they’re looking to increase adoption of wind in the following years.
IWEA is seeing a lot of support for energy independence, with 93% of their (current) site visitors saying they’d like to see the country reduce their reliance on imported fossil fuels.
CEO of the IWEA, Kenneth Matthews said: “The campaign, which reinforces our commitment to the sustainable development of wind energy in Ireland, marks an important milestone for the wind industry, and we are looking to really engage people on the topic of clean Irish energy to prompt a broader conversation about Ireland’s own energy future.”
According to IWEA’s website, ‘An astonishing 85% of our country’s (Irelands) energy needs are imported from abroad, either through fossil fuels or electricity directly from the UK grid. We’re at the mercy of volatile global market prices. Harnessing wind energy – along with other renewable resources – could end that reliance, restoring our energy independence and showing the world how to live without fossil fuels.’
You can view the campaign video below:


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