KCP&L invests in two wind farms

KCP&L invests in two wind farms

purchased 2 wind farms

Kansas City Power & Light has announced its plans to purchase the electricity from 2 wind farms located in Northwest Missouri.
The Osborn wind farm is 200MW to be constructed by NextEra Energy and will be operational by the end of the year, while Rock Creek is a 300MW wind farm will be constructed by Tradewind Energy and is to be operational by fall 2017.
KCP&L President and CEO, Terry Bassham said:
“This announcement marks a significant investment in renewable energy, and will benefit our customers and the region,”
“Over the past decade, we’ve transitioned our energy mix to become more sustainable and cleaner, and today is the most recent in a series of investments in renewable energy. We’re excited to announce our first wind facilities in our Missouri service area.”
Both wind farms are located in the KCP&L service area, and will connect to the Midwest Transmission Project (MTP) transmission line, making it easier to deliver the electricity within the region.
Bassham added:
“Being close to our service area allows us to invest back in the communities we serve. The developers have committed to hiring locally for the construction and ongoing operation of these facilities, which will boost the local economies in this region.”
“In addition to being in a good location, the cost of these projects made them very appealing to us to pursue at this time. We believe these projects will bring significant benefits to both our customers and shareholders.”
According to their press release: Using these wind turbines in the place of other forms of electricity generation not only offsets cost, it is also a more environmentally-friendly option for the region. These wind facilities will reduce carbon emissions and help attain EPA regional ozone standards and position KCP&L well to meet state requirements for the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

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