Kimberly-Clark to power NA manufacturing operations with wind power

Kimberly-Clark to power NA manufacturing operations with wind power

 Kimberly-Clark invests in wind power


Kimberly-Clark has recently announced its commitment to renewable energy with investments in two wind power projects located in Texas and Oklahoma.
The company will purchase approximately 1,000,000 MWh (245MW) of wind energy which amounts to one third of the total electricity required to power North American manufacturing operations.
This new contract has enabled Kimberly-Clark to achieve their greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal four years faster than they anticipated; the company will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 550,000 metric tons annually, which is the equivalent of taking roughly 116,000 cars off the road.
Global Head of Sustainability at Kimberly-Clark, Lisa Morden said, “These agreements mark Kimberly-Clark’s first use of utility-scale renewable energy and are a step-change in our energy and climate strategy to reduce climate change impacts, improve operating efficiency and benefit cost savings. Adding wind-generated electricity to the energy mix will enable the company to achieve more than a 25 percent reduction in GHG emissions in 2018, which is four years ahead of the original 2022 target to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent from 2005 levels.”
“These two renewable energy projects, combined with a number of other energy initiatives across the company, put Kimberly-Clark on-track to deliver significant multimillion dollar cost savings from energy and climate projects by 2022. It’s a powerful demonstration of sustainability initiatives having both great environmental and business benefits.”

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