Lake Turkana Wind Farm moving forward despite tough blows

Lake Turkana Wind Farm moving forward despite tough blows

lake turkana wind farm
The Lake Turkana Wind Farm located in Kenya, has finally broken ground despite its struggles to overcome obstacles like the country’s lack of infrastructure.
The $1 billion wind farm project is a private and public venture between African Development Bank, the European Investment Bank and the Standard Bank. However, the project wasn’t solidified until the African government sent a letter of support in order to back the project. The letter stated that it would be held liable for any costs that would be incurred from political problems.
East Africa head of power and infrastructure at Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd., Kwame Parker, said:
“This is the linchpin of these transactions; in its basic form, the letter says that if there are any political problems that affect the project itself or the Kenyan power company’s ability to buy the energy from the project, the government is on the hook.”
However, despite political support, the project has many other obstacles to overcome, some as basic as lack of roads. Unfortunately there is an 800 mile trek from the port of Mombasa to where the wind farm is located; the project had to incorporate the building of road for the delivery of the wind turbines.
Additionally, the size of the wind turbine originally chosen for the project had to be reconsidered as it was discovered to be too large for the port to handle.
Even an airstrip was constructed to make access to the wind farm easier for staff, which ended up flooding during the rainy season.
Despite all these setbacks, the project was able to break ground, and will be operational by 2017, adding roughly 300 MW of energy to Kenya’s grid which will be a 25% increase to current capacity.

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