Largest African wind farm to be supplied by Vestas

Largest African wind farm to be supplied by Vestas

Vestas supplies Africa's largest wind farm

Vestas, the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world, has just received the order to supply wind turbines for the wind farm, Lake Turkana Wind Power project, which is to be located in Kenya. According to Vestas, it will be the largest wind farm in all of Africa.
The wind farm will be made up of an astonishing 365 wind turbines (V52; 850kW each) with a total capacity of 310MW (1,400 GWh of power per year). Apparently the wind farm will save Kenya over 150 million Euros each year in fuel imports. The project is expected to take over 2 years to become fully operational/complete, and includes a 15-year Active Output Management (AOM 4000) service agreement
Chairman of Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd., Mugo Kibati said:
“We are very pleased to continue this great journey with Vestas as we progress toward our aim of reducing Kenya’s need for hydro and expensive fossil fuel-based power generation. We want to ensure that Kenya has access to low and consistent power prices, and with the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, we can do that
The President of Vestas Central Europe, Christoph Vogel said:
“Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd. has made a historic commitment to a clean energy future for Kenya, and we are very proud to play an active role in bringing to life Africa’s largest wind power plant,”
“Eastern and southern Africa are key markets for Vestas, and the Lake Turkana project will establish Kenya among the continent’s wind energy leaders.”
The wind farm project will require additional infrastructure, in the form of 420km of transmission lines to reach the Kenyan national electricity grid; a small price to pay for such an ideal location, with avg. wind speeds in excess of 11 m/s. The wind farm will be approximately 1,200 km from the Kenyan airport in Mombasa at an elevation of 450m, near the shore of Lake Turkana.

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