Leasing land for wind energy helps farmers supplement income

Leasing land for wind energy helps farmers supplement income

 Meridian is a wind energy developer

Farmers in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, are supplementing their income by leasing a portion of land for wind energy to companies like Meridian Energy.
Farmers are paid a fee for renting a portion of their land, and also receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the wind turbines installed on their land. Additionally, Meridian Energy builds access roads and maintains them for the landowners.
A beef and sheep farmer in Wellington has 8 Meridian wind turbines installed on his 440-hectar property which has helped to supplement income from his farm. It is estimated that the typical wind turbine install takes up about 3% of a farm, which has little impact on business.
Although some companies will purchase parcels of land in order to develop wind energy, it is customary and easier to lease land from existing farmers and landowners. Many agricultural businesses in the UK rent their land to wind energy developers in order to supplement income.

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