Legislative bills against wind energy

Legislative bills against wind energy

anti wind energy

Wind energy is continually under attack by many anti-wind lobbyists and organizations, through the use of protests and false propaganda, they try to perpetuate hatred for wind power.
I can’t count the number of times Orenda has been sent Twitter messages saying that wind turbines are killing too many birds, and causing sickness. (Please refer to posts here and here for the truth on these subjects. Sneak peek: One city of high-rise buildings kills more birds than all of the world’s turbines COMBINED!)
It is unfortunate that so many people believe these myths, and the distaste for wind energy is getting in the way of much needed progress.
These groups are now pushing for unfair laws and bills to be passed in many areas of the world. An example of this is currently happening in Wisconsin; Bill SB 71 allows citizens the right to vote on whether or not wind turbines can be installed in their communities.
The major problem with this bill, is the fact that anti-wind propaganda runs rampant in these communities, creating fear that property values will drop, and the residents will become sick… all of which has been proven to be untrue (and in many legitimate studies!) As we know perception is reality and people will truly believe they are sick from wind turbines, even when they have not been exposed to any real physical threat or harm. (By the way, this phenomena is called ‘psychological expectations’.) If we continue to build fear in communities and enact these limiting laws, the number of wind turbine installations will decrease further.
What’s even scarier is the REAL sickness we get from generating energy from other sources, which anti-wind groups omit from their biased literature.
Which do you prefer? Our ozone being depleted, global warming, premature deaths and our children growing up with asthma, OR by relative comparison, safe wind energy?
Obviously, I prefer the latter… but don’t take my word for it… click on any of the above links to educate yourself and make your own informed opinion. :)

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