Limits found in wind farm power generation

Limits found in wind farm power generation

study on wind farm limits

A recent study has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by an international group of researchers, from the University of Kansas, to determine the limits of wind farm power generation.
The results show that there is a decreased generation of power when wind farms become very large, however, the study goes on to state that no wind farms are currently large enough to see a decrease, and there are no plans to make them that large at this particular point in time.
Here’s a snippet from the study, which can be found here:
“The reduction in capacity factor with greater installed capacity results from an enhanced interaction of wind turbines with the atmospheric flow. Because a greater installed capacity of wind turbines removes more kinetic energy from the atmosphere and converts it into electric energy, this causes a decrease in the hub height wind speed downwind (26), which decreases the mean per turbine electricity generation rate of the wind farm.”
Studies like this one are of great importance as the wind industry matures and continues to grow.  With continual advancements in the engineering and manufacturing of wind turbines, research proves beneficial to determine how to increase power production.

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