Long Island offshore wind farm to be approved next week

Long Island offshore wind farm to be approved next week

offshore wind farm project

The race for North America’s first offshore wind farm had begun several years ago, and is continuing on today. The tables may have turned for one such project, as New York’s Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is expected to give the green light next week.
The proposed offshore wind farm will have a capacity of 90MW, composed of 15 wind turbines and located east of Montauk; making it three times larger than the offshore project proposed for Rhode Island.
Long Island Power Authority CEO Thomas Falcone told The Associated Press:
“This is the first in New York, it’s the largest to date, but we’re looking at this and seeing a tremendous offshore wind resource that will be developed and it’s not the last,”
“I think this is a very big step … for New York, but also for the United States.”
Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski said in an announcement last year
“Not only will the project reduce air pollution emissions on Long Island, but it’ll also defer the need to build costly new power plants and transmission systems on the South Fork”.
Deepwater Wind, the contractor, are in negotiations with LIPA, so costs have yet to be announced, however, the wind farm would be placed 30 miles from shore, and will produce enough power for 50,000 homes in the Hamptons. The offshore wind farm could be operational by as early as 2022.

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