Martek Aviation chosen to inspect wind turbines in the UK

Martek Aviation chosen to inspect wind turbines in the UK

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Martek Aviation has been chosen to inspect wind turbines at various projects across the UK by SSE Plc, one of the largest energy companies in the country.
The 2-year Framework Contract is for the inspection of over 630 wind turbines from various manufacturers and across 47 different sites using drone technology.
The company has stated that their Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) increase safety, are most cost effective and decrease turbine downtime.
Martek Aviation has had successful contracts for other wind projects, like Statoil’s The Sheringham Shoal.
Senior Engineer at Statoil – Sheringham Shoal, Dale Symonds said:
“Martek Aviation is a professional company providing world class wind turbine inspection services. The UAS high-resolution camera has allowed us to perform excellent quality inspections on all turbine blades providing us with confidence and clarity. The service has allowed us to become more efficient, safe and profitable with our wind turbine inspections moving forwards. Their on-site inspection team and back office support provided excellent customer service and their team experience demonstrates flight professionalism. I would have no hesitations in recommending Martek Aviation as the preferred means for conducting this type of inspection in the future and we are already taking about how we can continue working together across other Statoil wind parks.”

To learn more about their systems, you can check out their promotional video down below:


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