Microsoft is investing in wind energy

Microsoft is investing in wind energy

Microsoft is investing in wind energy  
The software company has decided to buy 175MW of power by investing in wind energy from the Pilot Hill Wind Project in Illinois, close to Chicago. The 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) will be the largest wind energy investment made by Microsoft to date.  
Brian Janous, director of energy strategy for Microsoft, says “The Pilot Hill Wind Project is important to Microsoft because it helps solidify our commitment to taking significant action to shape our energy future by developing clean, low-cost sources to meet our energy needs,”  
“Microsoft is focused on transforming the energy supply chain for cloud services from the power plant to the chip. Long-term commitments like Pilot Hill help ensure a cleaner grid to supply energy to our data centers.”  
The Pilot Hill wind farm connects to the same electric grid that powers the Microsoft data center in Chicago and will generate enough electricity to fully support the center (the equivalent of powering 70,000 homes). Investing in wind energy is beneficial for Microsoft in three ways, firstly, it allows the company to reduce its carbon footprint, secondly, it reduces energy costs over time, and thirdly, increases their reputation.
Well done Microsoft!

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