MidAmerican Energy plans to install a concrete wind turbine tower

MidAmerican Energy plans to install a concrete wind turbine tower

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MidAmerican Energy is planning to install the tallest onshore wind turbine in the US state of Iowa, using concrete for the tower.
The reason behind using concrete, is to allow the wind turbine tower to extend higher in the air, where wind speeds are stronger. Instead of being an average of 263 feet tall, the tower will be made up to 377 feet.
Vice President of MidAmerican Energy, Mike Gehringer said in a press release, “Generally speaking, the higher the altitude, the greater the wind resource available.” When the blades are attached, the wind turbine will extend to 554 feet, almost as tall as the Washington Monument.
Gehringer said: “Advancements in turbine design and construction techniques are opening up new opportunities for development of renewable resources,”
“We want to continue to lead in bringing innovative energy solutions to our customers and the state of Iowa.”
MidAmerican Energy has joined together with Siemens, who patented this new concrete tower design, to build the tower prototype which is poured in sections and assembled on-site.
Head of Business Development and Strategy for Siemens Americas Onshore Wind, Michael McManus said: “We’re proud to say that this patented Siemens tower technology was conceived, designed, engineered, and constructed entirely in the United States,”
“This project marks another milestone in our successful partnership with MidAmerican Energy to expand clean, renewable wind power in Iowa and continually drive down the cost of wind energy.”
The wind farm where this new wind tower is located is in Adams Country Iowa, and will consist of 64 wind turbines, and approximately 154MW of wind energy in total; construction is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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