Most people in the UK prefer wind turbines to fracking wells

Most people in the UK prefer wind turbines to fracking wells

UK onshore wind turbines and wind industry uncertain

A recent survey in the UK, conducted by the ICM for Co-operative Energy, shows that most respondents would prefer to live next to wind turbines than fracking wells.
Of the 2000 people who responded to the survey, 65% would prefer to have a wind turbine next to their home, and only 14% saying they’d prefer shale gas. Not surprisingly, respondents were more in favour for renewable energy projects if their local community benefited monetarily and the control and ownership were in the hands of the community.
Almost 80% of respondents said they wanted the government to help their local communities produce their own power and keep the profit.
Ramsay Dunning, at Co-operative Energy, said:
“The overwhelming picture from our poll is that the British public support renewable, and most importantly, community energy generation.
“Therefore the government’s decision to withdraw its support from the renewable sector is extremely disappointing and at odds with popular opinion.
“Not only is support for onshore wind and solar as strong as ever but people actually want to be involved in local, community-owned projects in their own backyard.
“There is a real appetite amongst the general public to see renewable energy grow and prosper, but with more emphasis on community energy schemes which allow local communities to share the rewards.”
The small distributed wind industry has made it possible for local communities to generate money, for farmers to supplement their agricultural income and for landowners to contribute positively to the country’s renewable energy targets; a reduction of FiT schemes could drastically jeopardize all these benefits in the UK. Hopefully The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will re-consider their ‘consultation’ which proposes to make drastic cuts to FiT.

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