New small wind turbine to power homes at a fraction of the normal cost

New small wind turbine to power homes at a fraction of the normal cost

small wind turbine

Avant Garde Innovations (AGI), created by brothers Arun (34) and Anoop George (30), has developed a small wind turbine that can generate electricity for 75% less than current costs.
Middle-income households could have their energy needs met with 5 units of power from the AGI’s innovative wind turbine, even at very low speeds. Not to mention the compact design allows it to run for years without the need for frequent maintenance.
The small wind turbine was recognized by the United Nations Foundation and is currently in the patent process. Although the brothers have been approached by two prominent wind turbine manufacturers from the US and Europe, they are considering going independent, and said “We are assessing these offers. We are also looking at the option of independent manufacturing with third-party assistance.”
Arun George said “Investors are also interested because the design holds promise of being implemented as hydel or tidal turbines too. It could also be converted into an automobile motor after certain modifications.”
Annop George said “We are seeing large potential in Asia and the Middle East markets, to begin with. Besides, a couple of government and private corporations from the Middle East are keen on the product.”
Partner and head of renewable at KPMG, Santosh Kamath said, “New solar and wind micro solutions are emerging, and with advancement of technology, it could become viable in certain cities.”


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