New technology for wind energy is used to protect eagles

New technology for wind energy is used to protect eagles

Wind energy in Oklahoma


A new system called IdentiFlight is being used for the first time in the commercial operations of wind energy in an effort to prevent eagle deaths.
Duke Energy Renewables has purchased 24 of these ‘large-scale avian protection systems’ for their Top of the World Windpower Project in Wyoming.
According to the press release, the system from IdentiFlight International blends artificial intelligence with high-precision optical technology to detect eagles and prevent them from colliding with rotating wind turbine blades.
Environmental director, Duke Energy Renewables, Tim Hayes said, “Duke Energy understands the importance of balancing the need for clean, renewable energy while protecting wildlife, including the iconic bald and golden eagles. Since Top of the World began operations, we have tested a variety of techniques and technologies to reduce impacts to eagles. The IdentiFlight system has shown great promise for effectively reducing eagle collisions.”
President of IdentiFlight International, Tom Hiester said, “Duke Energy Renewables has been an amazing partner throughout the testing and development of the IdentiFlight technology and has proven to be in the forefront of the industry in addressing this critical issue. Avian collisions with turbine blades have been an impediment to growth in the wind industry. IdentiFlight was developed to address this problem and promote the successful coexistence of avian wildlife and wind energy.”  

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