New wind turbines to replace old in Germany

New wind turbines to replace old in Germany

wind turbine replacements

Many of Germany’s wind turbine projects began in the late 1990’s and are now faced with declining output, thanks to wear and tear. Now with newer technologies surpassing old, and larger available wind turbines, it makes sense to start replacing older systems with new.
As a result, Nordex will be replacing 16 legacy wind turbines with 9 newer models by the end of the year, at the Altenbruch I wind farm, located close to Cuxhaven in Germany. The wind farm has been in operation since 1998, and although there will be fewer wind turbines in operation with the new configuration, the total output will be exceeded.
The process of replacing older wind turbines with new is referred to as ‘repowering’ and can be costly and complicated. Germany has seen 18% of its installations last year alone as repowering projects where newer wind turbines were replacing older ones in an effort to increase output.
According to Nordex’s press release, ‘further advantages of modernising wind farms include increasing full-load hours, improving grid compatibility and significantly lowering rotor speeds and noise emissions.’
Nordex’s Managing Director for Germany, Jörg Hempel said:
“In Germany it is important to increase the output of existing wind farms and to simultaneously reduce the number of wind turbines. Looking forward, this will become even easier to do as we will be continuing to increase the installed capacity of our Delta series, thus making the system even more efficient.”

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