Orenda selected by Feedspot as one of Top 50 Renewable Energy Blogs!

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Orenda Energy has been awarded one of the Top 50 Renewable Energy Blogs by Feedspot this year and we couldn’t be more proud!


We are incredibly honoured to have been selected, and we are dedicated to continuing to educate the world on wind energy, dispelling the myths and sharing industry news.


Thank you Feedspot!



Season’s Greetings!

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Season’s Greetings from everyone at Orenda Energy!


 We wish you and yours a healthy and joyful holiday season and a prosperous start to the New Year!




Orenda Energy Solutions has partnered with Italian wind specialist SEI Holding

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Canadian wind turbine manufacturer, Orenda Energy Solutions, has partnered with Italian wind specialist SEI Holding to develop ten projects across Italy under the Mini Wind Farm (MWF) program. These wind farm installations will be available to select investors who are interested in receiving exceptional ROI in the wind energy market.


Orenda and SEI started their partnership a few years ago with the aim to provide Italian customers a reliable and skilled local partner focused on turn-key solutions including the installation and servicing of Orenda’s Skye wind turbine, which is manufactured in their Ontario facility.


Through the MWF program we are able to offer Italian and foreign investors selected sites that are ready-to-build, located and developed specifically for the 60kW Orenda Skye wind turbine. The Skye’s power rating has been specially fine-tuned using Orenda’s proprietary technology to comply with the GSE regulations to qualify for the tariff which is available for mini wind farms installed in Italy. This makes it possible for each wind farm to earn real and strong financial returns in the market, particularly operating in the sub 60kW  band which provides the highest rates. There has been fear that the Italian market has become harder for small-medium wind turbine suppliers, but by adapting and evolving our technology, we see far-reaching advantages.


Our wind turbine, thanks to the hydraulic self-lifting tower, is perfect for easy installation and after sales servicing, and even comes with a 7 year warranty! Thanks to our full service pack we offer lifelong assistance, all risk and loss of income insurance, and even remote monitoring.


We have worked out the siting and installation of several wind turbines already and are now collecting new purchase orders from the Italian market for construction in Spring-Summer 2017. SEI with the support of Orenda’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve McMahon, is scheduling meetings with clients interested in finalizing contracts. Please do not hesitate to contact our commercial office to arrange an appointment too!


Orenda Energy reveals plans to raise $25million USD to create 100 turbine UK Wind Farm

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Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland – Thursday 18th August 2016; Wind turbine manufacturer Orenda Energy Solutions, which has locations in Ontario, Canada and Livingston, Scotland, is seeking to raise US$25million through a series of US investment banks as it embarks on a programme of expansion to build its own distributed wind farm across the UK.


Orenda is currently finalizing the project financing which will see one hundred of its own manufactured SKYE 49kW small wind turbines installed across the UK from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands to create a 4.9 MW (megawatt) distributed wind farm.


The creation of Orenda’s wind farm signifies a remarkable milestone for the company.  In its short four-year history, it will have progressed from being solely a turbine manufacturer to site developer to soon owning and managing a sizeable wind farm in the UK.


As Gerry Lalonde, CEO, Orenda Energy Solutions reveals, despite the changes made to the FiT (Feed-In-Tariff) program earlier this year, by leveraging the unique wind technology of its 49kw turbine, it is still possible to earn adequate financial returns in this market, particularly if one operates in the sub 50kw FiT band which provides the highest FiT rates.


“Positioning is the key for us. The announcement from the DECC consultation to change the FiT system was not warmly received by the small wind industry overall, but we view it as an opportunity for Orenda as a result of a willingness to adapt our own technology.


“We were able to modify the patent-pending control technology on our SKYE turbine to reduce the power output from a 51kW turbine to 49kW.


“This minor modification allows us to position our wind turbine at the top end of the most attractive band available in the UK for the current FiT system.


Indeed, it is likely that Orenda Skye 49kw turbine may be the only model available at the top end of this lucrative FiT band.  We will know for certain once its MCS certification has been completed in late summer. Obtaining MCS certification is expensive and time consuming and acts as a significant barrier to entry which in turn helps to sort the wheat from the chaff


Orenda claims it has already identified over 100 pre-qualified UK sites stretching across the UK from Cornwall, Wales, Lancashire and throughout Scotland, stretching up to the Western Isles.


Gerry Lalonde adds;


“Orenda Energy, has, in the last year, gone from being a wind turbine manufacturer and site developer, to raising a multi-million Dollar investment for our own 100 turbine-strong distributed wind farm.


There has been a general consensus that the UK market has become harder for small-medium wind turbine suppliers, but by adapting and evolving our proposition, we see far-reaching advantages and believe that this type of investment is crucial for the sector to secure its long term future.”






About Orenda Energy Solutions:

Orenda Energy Solutions is an investor, site developer and manufacturer of a fully integrated wind turbine system for the rural segment of the small distributed wind industry. Orenda’s 49kW Skye™ wind turbine is the solution of choice for farmers, large acreage landowners, and wind park developers and investors


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Orenda Energy – Local farmers urged ‘pledge a field to reap a financial windfall’

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·         Opportunities for local farmers to secure several thousands of pounds per annum by making a field available for small scale wind investment

·         Farm usage is seen as crucial to delivering return on investment and fixed price, low cost green electricity for farmers.


Livingston, West Lothian – Wednesday 24th February 2016:

Farmers across Scotland who may have witnessed a fall in income due to the recent spate of bad weather, can now add up to several thousands of pounds a year to their incomes. They need do nothing more than offer a field or small piece of land then watch their finances grow.

Scotlandremains an attractive proposition for inward investment in the country’s small wind energy industry and there are farming communities across the country bringing in extra income from this enterprising initiative as many farmers look beyond their traditional arable, livestock and dairy revenue streams.


Farmers need to maximise land use andScotland, with its abundance of rural farming communities, has the perfect topography for small-scale wind energy with its very healthy wind regime.


And with a ‘per-turbine’ windfall of anything between £1,500 and £2,000 per annum index linked for 20 years up for grabs, it makes good economic sense for farmers to lease a small piece of their land for small wind turbine investors, more so as the vagaries of the Scottish climate with occasional poor harvests, unusually harsh weather and dramatically rising energy costs can take their toll on a cash-strapped farming and rural economy.


So, for any farmer, this is a win/win situation. In addition to the rental for doing nothing more than pledging use of a field – and with no loss of use of the land at all- the farmer can make use of the green energy produced on-site by any wind turbine.


This significantly drops their overall energy costs and safeguards them against future energy price. Moreover, the farmer can, if he wishes, be ‘locked in’ to a 20-year low cost green electricity deal.


Steve McMahon, VP Sales & Marketing, Orenda Energy Solutions, the Livingston-based turbine manufacturer for the small/medium distributed wind industry commented;


“Despite this widespread belief that almost every farmer in the land has turned to renewable wind energy, the reality is that only a very small percentage of Scottish farms utilise wind energy and the cash revenue it generates.”


Many believe the renewable market is largely dead given the drastic Feed in Tariff (FiT) reductions. That might be the case for larger turbines, but the small wind energy market remains buoyant.


Steve McMahon added;


“The only tariff that makes economic sense for farmers is in the sub-50kW band – which is still attracting mainstream investment funds even with the drastic FiT reductions. We are already working with two major international investment funds and canny farmers in Scotland who want to make good money by simply letting a field for these small wind turbines, will reap large financial benefits.


Therefore, what might appear to be land that is not ideal for a wide variety of farming uses could be perfect for wind power. More farmers should be taking advantage of this at small/medium wind turbine level. We’re not talking large utility grade wind turbines like you see in wind farms; these are small structures with towers no more than 30m high.”


More details are available at




About Orenda Energy Solutions:


Orenda Energy Solutions designs and manufactures fully integrated wind turbine systems for the rural segment of the small distributed wind industry. Orenda’s 51kW Skye™ wind turbine is the solution of choice for farmers, large acreage landowners, and wind park developers and investors.


Press Enquiries:

For further information, please contact Kevin Dorrian at Acumen on 0131 661 7027 or email –

Twitter – @acumenpr