Orenda’s Connect Newsletter: 2nd Quarter 2013

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Welcome to the first edition of the
Orenda Energy Solution’s Connect Newsletter!

Connect will be sent out quarterly to keep you up-to-date with important news and events with Orenda.

Although it was only last May when Orenda Energy Solutions was created, much has been achieved already! We are delighted to have been fortunate enough to add VG Energy in UK and Italia Energia in Italy to the Orenda family as dealers. We have a deliberate policy of carefully selecting our dealers and our channel strategy is most definitely all about quality and not quantity.

We have installed our first  two wind turbines in Europe; one in Italy and one in Scotland! We are so excited to have our Skye™ wind turbine up and spinning and producing efficient energy for our customers.


A view of the Skye™ wind turbine in Scotland.
Click to view Orenda’s Flickr images online.
We are also extremely encouraged with the rapidly growing order pipeline which is in place, especially considering we have really only started to publicly market and sell Skye™ in the last few months! This confirms our views when we started Orenda that there is significant demand for a reliable and efficient 50kW Wind Turbine.

We have been growing as a company, and have recently hired new employees:

Alba Garrah has joined us as the new Software Programmer and has a Bachelor of Science, Honours, Computing and Information Science from Queen’s University. She has many years of experience as an Applications Programmer with a strong track record using Oracle SQL Plus and PL/SQL, PHP applications accessing Oracle DB using SQL Plus.

Robine St-Germain has joined Orenda as Accounting Manager, and is a Certified Management Accountant with over 13 years of experience in accounting, finance and customer service. Robine also holds a B.Com Honours in Accounting from the University of Ottawa.

More exciting things happened in 2013: Orenda was able to secure insurance coverage for the Skye™ wind turbine in both UK and Italy, through Clark Thompson Insurance Brokers. Some of the benefits of this insurance include: “All Risks” cover (fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft, malicious damage, earthquake, storm, flood, impact, theft and accidental damage) including breakdown and resultant loss of income. Please see our website for complete details.
This year, we also launched the new website:; where we have an informative blog about wind energy. Topics have included the evolution from windmill to wind turbine, and the real impact of wind turbines on birds and bats.

In addition to our web presence, Orenda can be found on all social media:
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You can also visit our Resources page, where you can get all the latest versions of our marketing materials in PDF format.

As a part of the renewable energy industry, we are often looking for the latest news and studies. So let us share with you a couple of interesting snippets from our blogs:

Voting Impact of Political Support for Wind

Many new studies are seeing the light, discussing the impact of anti-wind propaganda on wind turbine projects. However, what is the political impact of supporting renewable energy, and specifically support for wind energy development?

ComRes, a market research company in the UK, has done a study on voting intention for both the local elections and General Elections coming up in May 2015. The results may surprise you…

34% of local voters said they would be more likely vote for a party which shows support for wind energy; while at the General Election level, 31% said they would be less likely to vote for a party which does not show support for wind. When looking at the total results, 76% were “unaffected” or “positive” in their views towards parties who supported wind development…. Click here to read the whole article.


Anti-Wind Messages Create Negative “Psychological Expectations”

On April 5th, we talked about ‘Windfarm Sickness’ being spread by Anti Wind Groups.

And now more research is coming to light, which shows anti-wind messages can create negative “psychological expectations”, which “could explain the link between wind turbine exposure and health complaints”, according to the published study in the American Psychological Association’s Health Psychology journal by the researchers from New Zealand’s University of Auckland.

The study showed 27 people, Group A, anti-wind footage which suggests infrasounds created by wind turbines can cause sickness. Another 27 people, Group B, were shown footage of experts who said wind turbines do not create any health risks through infrasound.

Both groups were then told they would be exposed to two, 10-minute sessions of infrasound, but were only actually exposed to one 10-minute session.  Group A reported negative health symptoms after both the real AND fake exposures, while Group B did not report any health effects, even after the real 10-minute exposure to infrasound….Click here to read the whole article.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at or give us a call anytime: 613.686.1677
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How Will You Celebrate Global Wind Day? (June 15)

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Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day – June 15


Global Wind Day - June 15th
Tomorrow is officially Global Wind Day!


This day was created “for discovering the power of wind energy and the possibilities it holds to change our world.” It was specifically created to encourage the public to learn more about wind energy, and to demonstrate how this renewable energy resource can help us build a cleaner and healthier future.
Did you know that: Dirty fossil fuels get six times more of your tax money than clean renewables? If you`d like to send a message to the G8 leaders, or the G8 summit, telling them that you’d like your money better spent on wind energy, you can do so here.
To learn more about Global Wind Day, visit
And because it makes people smile, you can watch their video below:

(Don’t forget to watch until the end for a little blooper. )
How will you spend your Global Wind Day?



Orenda Gets Wind Turbine Insurance Coverage in Italy!

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wind turbine insurance coverage
Orenda has succeeded in obtaining wind turbine insurance coverage through Clark Thomson Insurance Brokers.
For more details, check out our insurance page.


Orenda Energy Solutions – 51kW Wind Turbine Solution

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Orenda Energy Solutions is a wind turbine manufacturer with marquee installations in Italy and Scotland. Currently, they sell a 51kW wind turbine solution named Skye™, which includes a patented (U.S. Pat: 8,371,074) hydraulically hinged tower that can be lowered and raised with one operator and a wrench in just 20 minutes! Orenda’s over arching design objective in Skye™ was to create a reliable wind turbine for rural sites in FiT incentivised territories, providing best-in-class financial returns.
You can find Orenda on various social media:

About the Company:
Orenda Energy Solutions designs and manufactures fully integrated wind turbine systems for the rural segment of the small distributed wind industry. Orenda’s 51kW Skye™ wind turbine is the solution of choice for farmers, large acreage landowners, and wind park developers and investors.

Sally Prosser
Phone: 613-686-1677 Ext. 222


Orenda Skye™ Now Qualifies for Insurance!

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Orenda has succeeded in obtaining insurance coverage through Clark Thomson Insurance Brokers.
For more details, check out our insurance page.