North American Energy Ministers sign a Memo of Understanding

North American Energy Ministers sign a Memo of Understanding

energy ministers met in Canada to sign memo of understanding

North American Energy Ministers met last week to discuss the ‘importance of trilateral cooperation’ as well as a continental approach to energy. Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Mexico’s Secretary of Energy, and Dr. Ernest Moniz, United States Secretary of Energy were hosted by the Honourable Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources in Winnipeg.
The Ministers signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Climate Change and Energy Collaboration, in order for Canada, Mexico and the United States to collaborate and share information such as ‘low-carbon electricity; clean energy technologies; energy efficiency; carbon capture, use and storage; climate change adaptation; and reducing emissions from the oil and gas sector, including from methane’.
According to the press release:

  • Between Canada, the United States and Mexico, C$167 billion worth of energy products were traded in 2015 across the continent, highlighting the importance of North American energy cooperation.
  • On November 30, 2015, Canada, the United States and Mexico announced their participation in Mission Innovation, along with 17 other countries. Participating governments have committed to doubling their investments in clean energy research and development over five years.
  • The Government of Canada has committed to investing an additional C$300 million a year in clean technology.

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr said, “Secretary Moniz, Secretary Joaquín Coldwell and I want to build on North America’s strength as one of the world’s most dynamic and influential regions for secure and sustainable energy. The Memorandum of Understanding we signed today reflects our governments’ shared vision for a future where an expanding clean energy sector, a sustainable environment and a strong economy go hand in hand.”
Having all three Energy Ministers working in collaboration could mean better opportunities for renewable projects, and bettering technologies in the industry.

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