North Dakota State University Prof awarded grant for wind energy study

North Dakota State University Prof awarded grant for wind energy study

wind energy study at NDSU

North Dakota State University (NDSU) assistant professor Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri has been given a grant of $502,810 to study wind energy in North Dakota.

The grant has been awarded by the National Science Foundation in order to determine wind availability and overcome the obstacle in transmitting energy to the grid and ultimately end users.

According to the press release:

‘The ultimate goal is to efficiently integrate land-based and offshore wind power into the existing U.S. power grid. A recent energy report showed replacing fossil-fuel power with wind energy could save consumers up to $200 a year while eliminating environmentally hazardous carbon dioxide emissions.’

Ray Chaudhuri said:

“It turns out, if distance of transmission is longer than a certain limit, DC transmission becomes more efficient than AC transmission. That’s a very unique thing that we have in North Dakota.”

“North Dakota is uniquely positioned to lead the wind energy integration efforts in the nation. The proposed research is very timely and has the potential to act as a game changer in solving different energy challenges, not only in the U.S., but the rest of the world.”

“North Dakota has the capacity to replace the fossil fuel-fired power plants in the entire U.S.”

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