Offshore wind farm planned for Maryland

Offshore wind farm planned for Maryland

offshore wind farm project


Deepwater Wind is planning yet another offshore wind farm, this time for Maryland, as it secures rights to acquire the federal lease (subject to regulatory approval).


The Skipjack Wind Farm project will be 120MW and is expected to save taxpayers millions of dollars once operational and will also generate over $100 million in economic benefits to the state. The wind turbines themselves will be located 17 nautical miles northeast of the coast to be sure it would not affect views from the shoreline.


Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski said, “We’re bringing down the cost of American offshore wind energy in a big way. Ratepayers in Maryland will benefit from energy that is both clean and affordable. The Skipjack Wind Farm is the right clean energy solution for Maryland, and we’re ready to get to work.”


Deepwater Wind is the only company in the US to develop offshore wind and is responsible for the Block Island wind farm which is currently in the testing phase of development. The offshore wind farm cost about $300 million and will generate enough power for 17,000 homes.


The project is composed of 5 wind turbines, though one is currently down and in need of repairs, due to a drill bit that’s damaged the generator. However, commercial operations are expected to begin soon after finalizing approval, and a lengthy 4 months of testing.


Mr. Grybowski said in a statement: “We’re truly proud of the wind farm’s performance to date and to have completed a successful test phase. The wind farm’s performance has been exceptional, even in some of the harshest weather conditions offshore.”


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