Ontario families against wind turbines have run out of legal options

Ontario families against wind turbines have run out of legal options

wind turbine companies suing for legal bills
A group of four families in Ontario have been trying hard to stop the installation of wind turbines close to their homes. Now, they have officially run out of legal options; the only recourse available to them is to prove harm to their health after the wind turbines begin operation.
A few months ago, we wrote about these Ontario families having to pay the wind turbine companies’ legal bills after their case was dismissed in court. The original amount to be paid was reduced from $340k to $67k. However, the families continued to appeal the decision and have hit a wall, when the top court refused to hear the case.
Shawn Drennan, one of the four families contesting these wind farms said, “”We are being told that we have to wait to be harmed before we can do anything to stop (wind turbines
“The court has given us two choices: leave the land my family has farmed for three generations, or be a guinea pig for the government and the wind companies.”
However, many studies have shown there are absolutely no ill-effects to health from wind turbines. To read some of the results of these studies, click any of the links below:
NHMRC finds little evidence of adverse health effects from wind farms
Wind farms don’t make people sick, so why the complaints?
The Truth About Health Impacts of Infrasound Coming From Wind Turbines
Fortunately, the Ontario courts are keeping on top of the latest studies, and will not be swayed by anti-wind propaganda or lobbyists.

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